“I believe my work allows the children to enjoy science again and reminds them that we are all scientists at heart. My lessons hope to cover all learning style and techniques, ensuring that the children think, question, suggest, engage and reassess their understanding of how something can be. These habits are what grow great scientists, and that’s what I do and hope to continue to do with Mrs. D’s primaries.”  -Michelle Simms science tutor



Key Stage 2

At the Saturday Supplementary school there are three mathematics cohorts. We begin with children in Key Stage w , Year 3 to Year 6 from age 8-11. On registering with the Saturday supplementary school , the children are assessed using National Curriculum methods appropriate to their age and paced in groups according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Key Stage 3

A mathematics assessment also takes place on entry. The students in this cohort enjoy being challenged and normally look forward to competing with as well as supporting each other in completing problems beyond their age group.

Key Stage 4

At this stage we tend to focus on a maximum of two students per group and on one-t-one support , placing emphasis on mastering techniques and solving past papers.



English sessions usually last about an hour and in these sessions we work to fulfil the requirements of the national curriculum, reflecting the overarching objective to improve and promote high standards of language and literacy skills.

Trisuana Stewart: English tutor

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