Art & Colour

Colour therapists believe that the seven colours of the rainbow relate to the body’s seven main chakras. So, if you’re feeling blue, a multi-coloured treatment could be just the thing your internalcolour palette is yearning for.

The Color Blue in Art Therapy & Color Therapy: Blue is the color of dreams as it moves down the color spectrum. It is also the coldest of all the colors.

Light blue is the color of meditation and peacefulness. It moves from the light to the darkness in color, symbolizing the daylight and the night sky.

This spectrum of blue can symbolize the consciousness moving to the unconsciousness mind. It is the color of truth, wisdom, heaven, devotion, loyalty, creativity, loyalty, and eternity.

The Color Orange in Art Therapy & Color Therapy: Orange is found somewhere in the color spectrum between yellow and red. With a vast spectrum orange lies somewhere between the spirit and libido. A symbol of fidelity, an emblem of lust and infidelity. Due to this symbol of lust and infidelity it can also symbolize fertility.

This applies to most colours, they will symbolise different aspects of our minds moods. Colour is brilliant and can reinvigorate our minds and bodies.

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