Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust

Our Mission 

To provide relevant and accessible education, employment and enterprise services, in particular to people of African and Caribbean heritage, so they can fulfil their potential and achieve their aspirations.

  • Making Education A Priority



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Quotes by Louise

Regarding individual potential Louise Da-Cocodia said,

“You can get what you want through hard work and determination, even with the prejudice you face from time to time.  This is my honest belief.” 

She also said with reference to communities pulling together, simply that

“I am because we are.”

This comes from the South African philosophy known as Ubuntu , and is one of the underlying meanings of ‘Ubuntu’ itself, which considers the success of the group above that of the individual.

Activism and achievements of Black Women: the Women Of The Soil project

Women Of The Soil is a heritage project which focuses on the professional achievements of local Black women and their activism within the community from the 1980’s to the present day. It also looks at the ways in which Louise Da-Cocodia has influenced their professional/political /cultural development.

This project is aimed at inspiring the next generation(s), especially young women; to not only empower themselves but also think of the wider community. It is also committed to ensuring that the voices of Black women and girls of all ages can be heard and intends to counter the under-representation and stereotyping of black women.

Go to the project: CLICK HERE

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About Us – The Trust

The Cariocca Education Trust (CET) was established in 2000 to assist and offer financial support to African Caribbean heritage students enrolled on further and higher education courses in areas of accountancy, science, engineering and information technology. This was made possible by way of financial support from Cariocca Enterprises Ltd.

Our founder member Louise Da-Cocodia passed away on the 13th March 2008. In honour of her exceptional commitment to the Manchester community CET was re-launched in October 2008 under its new name the Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust (L.D.E.T.).

This event was sponsored by Manchester Metropolitan University and supported by City College Manchester. Louise was a member of the governing body of both these organisations. Since its relaunch the Trust has engaged in a number of activities. This included the conference on Making Education A Priority – Alternative Approaches and the Manchester Black Parents, Children and Young People’s conference.

The outcomes from this conference included:

1. (BAAGS) Barriers, Aspiration , Access and Gaps Project in partnership with MMU and Zion Arts Centre

2. Science Day School organised by the Faculty of Science and Engineering at MMU. This was an opportunity for the Trust Saturday School children to participate in a range of interactive lab sessions

3. Research project on Race Equality in Teacher Education funded by the Higher Education Academy in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh

4. RISE pilot project for Black boys in particular those at risk of exclusion from school. Undertaken in partnership with Old Trafford Youth Club

5. Research- Aspirations and Engagement Strategy for Working with Young Black Men (i.e. Moss Side & Hulme ) in partnership with MMU community Audit and Evaluation Centre

Our Mission ​

To provide relevant and accessible education, employment and enterprise services, in particular to people of African and Caribbean heritage, so they can fulfil their potential and achieve their aspirations.


To be renowned as a catalyst for promoting and increasing levels of diverse representation in education, employment and enterprise, in particular for people of African and Caribbean heritage.